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Some R.T.R. cars have been photographed without body mounting screws and flags for better effect. All R.T.R. cars will have aluminum, brass, or magnesium chassis with motors respective to that chassis. These R.T.R. cars will cost from $80 to $250 depending on motor / chassis combo, special wheels and tires and other factors including rarity of body. If you see something you like email or call Herm’s and we will give all the details!  NOTE: Some parts shown on these R.T.R cars are optional and may not always be available!

#4 orange – Sunset Honker II

#4 white – Sunset Chaparral 2F

#8 Gold – Dubro Cheetah

#33 blue – Dubro Cobra

#8 Black – Sunset Ford Mirage

#23 Black – Sunset Ford GT

#4 Red – Ferrari P4


 #4 Blue – Ford 3 Liter

#36 Red Sunset Ford Mirage

#10 Red – Elfin T400

#6 Red Pactra Cheetah

#7 Blue – Revell Cheetah

#22 Red – Lancer Modified Corvette

#6 Red – Lancer McLaren Elva

#66 Blue – Pactra Lola T 70

#5 Red Ford Mark IV

#3 White - Strombecker Chaparral
(injection Molded)

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